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Why RDP?

All clients will always rate price as a major determinant in their decision to outsource. RDP offers a lean, streamlined, non-union environment that ensures our price is always very competitive and fits our client’s budget.

RDP knows and believes that no matter what industry a company is in, if it is at the forefront of technology, that company will survive compared to its competition. That is why a good portion of annual expenditures is invested in technology upgrading.

Seamless Operations for Client:
RDP encourages all our clients to think of us as just another division of their company. The increasing complexity of today’s business environment means companies need a complete start to finish business-outsourcing model that requires a long-term seamless relationship. RDP provides this seamless operation whether it is start to finish or an individual module of our service for the full range of business clients.

When you have been an operating fulfillment entity for over 35 years as RDP is, there is nothing much that you haven’t done. RDP’s management staff bring over 100 years of experience to the table for our clients. This experience is essential in solution design, ideas and collaboration with clients.

Mission Statement

The huge growth experienced over the years has been primarily from referrals, a true endorsement of our Mission Statement.

To service our clients in the warehousing, assembly and distribution needs of their marketing and sales efforts. This must be achieved at the highest quality, knowledge, efficiency and competence as well as being cost competitive.